A golden state of mind, sponsored by Starbucks.

My story starts on a beach in San Diego, and continues on a college campus in the Midwest. Somewhere along the way, I became an aspiring PR expert, coffee enthusiast and bandwagon Chicago sports fan.

Who am I?

For people and businesses who want to make a difference, I am the empathetic, creative coordinator who can perfect the small details while seeing the big picture.

/ PR Student /

Because after all is said and done, I believe in building others up.

/ Micro Traveler /

Sometimes it’s Italy. Sometimes it’s the Italian restaurant just two blocks away.

/ Adrenaline Junkie /

I get my rushes in when I can, whether it’s a concert (or five in one night at Lollapalooza), or a cup of coffee (or five in one morning. It happens).

/ Wannabe Curator /

If I had all the money in the world, I would be an art collector with an endless supply of Starbucks.

Welcome to my world.


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